PDC Swim Spa Model / FX219s

227” x 92” x 56”, 118” fitness area

Design Features
Fitness zone features side entry steps with sculpted massage seat, open barrier-free fitness area, two RX6™ standing massage columns. Hot tub zone is a full featured 5 deep seat spa. Separate zones with filtration, heating, therapy and fitness action controls.

Therapy Jets
49 hydrotherapy stainless Reflections Jets™ . Full body massage columns. Shoulder, upper and lower back, and hips in 6 seats.

Elite Pro™ Jets
Dual line up of high powered adjustable swim jets

Dual Zone Power
Fitness Zone: 18HP, 3 pumps, 5.5KW heater, 60 amps
Hot Tub Zone: 6HP, 2 pumps, 5.5KW heater, 60 amps

2525 gallons (hot tub zone: 425 Gallons Fitness Zone: 2100 Gallons)

Weight (lbs.)
2475 dry/22675 wet

Up To 48 Months No Interest Financing!